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music heals

iPod Pharmacy- Help Music Therapy

Let me ask you a question. Do you have an old iPod or mp3 player at home that still works that you don’t use anymore because you got a new one? If so, I strongly encourage you to donate the old one to the Music Heals iPod Pharmacy. As you’ll see in the video below, iPods are an incredible therapeutic tool used every where from old folks homes to children’s hospitals.

I’ve teamed up with Music Heals in an effort to help Music Therapy Programs. If you donate a used but still functioning iPod, you’ll be entered to win a Free House Concert from myself.

If you’d like to help out please send your used but functioning mp3 player to:

“Attn: iPod Pharmacy”
Suite 400 – 1788 W. 5th Ave.,
Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1P2

Remember to include your name and contact information so we can get ahold of you when you win the contest.



Stressed/Blessed – Who the F is Fricot?

For my next episode of Who the F is Fricot I had to change up the scheme a little bit. I’d been feeling quite overwhelmed by everything in my life at the moment: quite stressed. When I stopped to think about it, everything I was stressing and worrying about was truly a blessing. Yes there was piles of work to be done, but I realized that I should be thankful because all of my tasks were actually great opportunities. Then all of a sudden, out this song came. It’s still in it’s infancy, and needs a fair amount of tinkering and reforming, but I wanted to share it with you now.

It’s called Stressed/Blessed



Who the F___ is Fricot? Ep. 1 Peak Boot Camp

For those of you who were unawares. I’ve started a new video series. It’s called “Who the F___ is Fricot?” Cuz really, who is he anyways. I’d love for people to get involved and help me come up with ideas for the series. Here are the first 3 videos that I made to kick it off.

Ep. 1 – Boot Camp

Who the F___ is Fricot? Trailer

Dominique Fricot Proper Pronunciation




Q. Who the F___ is Fricot? A. Katy Perry/Thong Admirer

When we meet somebody new, a question that often comes up is “So what type of music do you listen to?” We associate the music we listen to with our identity. The thing is, when most of us answer the question (especially musicians) we limit our answer to the few artists that we’re confident we won’t be judged for. Some of us say artists that we deem to have credibility, or classic legends such as Bowie or Zeppelin who can’t be shunned, and still others list off a mountain of obscure artists that most people have never heard of.

The question that I’ve fixated on recently is what music are you kind of embarrassed to admit that you like? Sure you like Radiohead and Grizzly Bear, but is Miley Cyrus or that Carly Rae girl who never returns my calls a guilty pleasure?

I’m going to start this dialogue by sharing two songs that I’m definitely embarrassed to say that I can not help but enjoy.

1. Thong Song by Sisqo

2. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Yeah, I admit it. If either of those songs came on, I won’t be able to help myself from singing along and when I retrieved the the embed code for each of those videos I played each song a couple of times. Why am I embarrassed to admit that I like them? Well one of them is called the ‘Thong Song’ which I feel is fairly self explanatory. And Katy Perry, well Katy Perry seems to embody over produced lowest common denominator pop music, but I just can’t help myself from liking it.

So tell me, what songs are you embarrassed to admit that you like? Please share with me via the comment section, my twitter (@dominiquefricot) or on my facebook page.


I’m Collecting Old iPods for Music Heals

How many of us bought an iPod a couple years ago and have since upgraded to using only our iPhone or superior mp3 players? I know I fit into that category.

I thought to myself the other day wouldn’t it be great to put our unused iPods to good use the while chatting with Music Heals co-founder Chris Brandt. Chris explained to me that music therapy and music therapists were often in need of simply more iPods for their patients to listen to.

Starting today I am collecting any old or used iPods and MP3 players for Music Heals. The Music Heals foundation will give the iPods to young children in hospital care and the elders at nursing homes. In return for your donation you will receive free admission to a concert of mine and be entered in a draw for a chance to win a free House Concert from myself. If you are from the Vancouver area or if you are not able to make it to a show in the East, your donation will still count towards an entry for the House Concert.

The campaign starts today, please consult the list of shows below, in the case of some shows where I’m not in charge of the cover charge or the show is already free etc, any iPod donation will receive a free copy of my record “If Baby Could Walk” as well as being entered into the House Concert draw.

*July 25 – Windsor, ON – Walkermole w/ Leighton Bain and Pat Robitaille
**July 26 – Chatham, ON – Smith & Wilson Winery w/ Tanya Davis *tickets
July 27 – London, ON – London Music Club w/ Bryce Jardine
July 28 – Kitchener, ON – Little Bean Coffee Bar
*July 30 – Guelph, ON – Manhattans Music Club w/ Ambre McLean
July 31 – Toronto, ON – The Central
August 1 – Peterborough, ON – The Spill
**August 2 – Ottawa, ON – The Mercury Lounge w/ Lindsay Ferguson
August 4 – Montreal, QC – Le Cagibi
August 5 – Quebec, QC – Cafe Babylone

* Free CD will be given as there is no entrance fee for show.
**Free CD will be given instead of free admission to the show as ticket sales are not under my control