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“Granville Bridge” New Music Video

The summer before last I had booked 4 days to shoot a music video my good friend and  WCMA Award winning director Mike Southworth (he also directed “haunted by love”, “our last song” and “I miss the 80s”) . As 4 days was a bit more than we needed for my “I Miss the 80s”  video, we decided to squeeze another shoot in on the last day. Running on close to empty and little to no script, with the help of our costume designer Alannah Turner, we cast Vancouver performer couple Siona Gareau Brennan and Alex Strong to star and let the Vancouver summer scenery speak for itself.

What we ended up with was a story of a new couple slowly falling for each other as they frolic through Vancouver at it’s most picturesque. The video could be a promo for Vancouver tourism or  (as Siona and Alex have since become engaged to be married!) a pretty darn good engagement video.

Granville Bridge Music Video

The video was released over the weekend and has since been added to Modo Car Coop’s 8k Playlist and also been chosen as the upcoming feature song at Quesada Burrito’s and Taco’s “Joy of Song” campaign .

I’ve also recently booked a couple shows in Van. So the next opportunities to see me play live are:

Monday Feb 8th at the Yale Songwriter Night -Curated by Lydia Hol, Music Heals Fundraiser

Friday March 11th at the Fox Cabaret opening for Amelia Curran (Van Folk Fest)


Folk Road Show Canada Tour Dates 2015

I travelled around Europe last fall playing music in every street corner, living room or folk club that would welcome us with a group of international songwriters that I can gladly call my brothers: Benjamin James Caldwell (Australia/NZ), Pieter Van Vliet (the Netherlands) and Olaf Caarls (the Netherlands).

We’re doing all of Western Canada at them moment with a very minimal splash of Ontario (Kenora). Here is our tour poster with all the dates.



#Searching4Jeremiah: Candidates Ep 1

Last week I put a request out for actors interested in playing the part of Jeremiah Jenkins: a televangelist in our (hoping to be sponsored by Telus’ Storyhive competition) music video.

Here are a few of the actors that stepped forward to play the role. Let me know which are your favourites in comments below or join the conversation on twitter: #searching4Jeremiah

(also, I said hoping to be sponsored by #Storyhive because we need your votes to make it a definite reality! vote here=>>  )


#2 CLIFF PRANG (@cliffprang)

#searchingforjeremiah submission from Clifford Prang on Vimeo.



Click to see video here