Dominique Fricot | Rallying the troops!!
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Rallying the troops!!


Last week I sent out a letter to my mailing list and asked if you could help me by requesting my new single “Haunted by Love” at The Peak 100.5 FM. Well it appears that they have taken note of your requests.

Tomorrow, Thursday April 5th, The Peak will be playing “Haunted by Love” 4 times as their “check this out track of the day”. Tune in at 8:45 am, 12:45 pm, 4:45 pm and 8:45 pm (PST) to hear the song, and here is the important part. If the Peak receives a good amount of positive response, there is a high likely hood that they will add the song to their rotation. So tomorrow if you have a free moment and feel like being a massive help to my career you can take a brief moment to do one of the following.

a. Write on their Facebook wall at about how much you enjoyed their track of the day “Haunted by Love”.

b. Tweet if you use twitter @thepeak and tell them how awesome it is that they are playing my song.


c. If you are really proactive and into it, call them at the peak phone 1-604-730-6547.

If you can do one of these things tomorrow or the next day, or the next few days, your help could have massive effects on my career. And please, don’t think you are too far away. If you’re in Germany, Brazil, England or Mauritius, write all the same. You can totally listen to the Peak 100.5 fm online and I think they would be stoked to hear that people are listening across the globe. Even comment in your own language if you dare. Just remember to write “Haunted by Love” and my name “Dominique Fricot”.

All the best, and for those of you that haven’t heard it yet. The video is in my last blog post, and you can now download it from itunes. See for yourself here.



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