Dominique Fricot | #Searching4Jeremiah / Telus’ Storyhive Contest
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#Searching4Jeremiah / Telus’ Storyhive Contest

Mike Southworth of Collide Entertainment and I have teamed up to try and bring you a compelling new music video as we have done in the past (Haunted by Love, Our Last Song, I Miss the 80s). This time the song is the title track off my album “Sweet Little Fantasy”.

To do so we need your help in two ways. If you only have time for one, take your pick.

1. We need votes in the StoryHive Contest to earn one of the 20 $10k grants. Help us by visiting my page here: Sweet Little Fantasy

2. We’re looking to find the lead role for this short film/music video “Sweet Little Fantasy”. Below is a description of the character Jeremiah Jenkins. If you are or know the perfect actor for the role, please tweet, instagram or facebook @dominiquefricot and include the hashtag #storyhive and show us why you’re the best person for the role. Send everything from a headshot to a screen test of your best Jeremiah Jenkins to your demo reel. Convince us.


***Casting Call. Principal. Short Film/Music Video. Male. 30-55.

Looking for the perfect male actor to play Jeremiah Jenkins a successful, charismatic, ultraconservative TV evangelist who is struggling with a conflicting aspect of his persona: he’s secretly homosexual.

The key to playing this role will be to express the two opposing sides of Jeremiah. On air, Jeremiah is loud, confident, charismatic and opinionated. When the cameras stop rolling, he becomes timid, unsure of himself, full of doubts about his choices in life and how to express his sexuality.

Jeremiah is the main figurehead for an ultraconservative niche religion created in the early 1900s by his grandfather. Jeremiah grew up travelling the country with his father, spreading the message of a faith based in exclusion of gays and other religions. The religion was slow to gain followers until in the late 1970s Jeremiah brought it to television. The message hit home during the uncertainty and phobia brought on by the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Jeremiah became a nationwide syndicated success.

Now 10 years later, Jeremiah is rich, famous and successful but filled with guilt and self doubt. His on-air persona is a character he was born to play. It’s the one thing in life he’s ever been good at. But in his heart he knows the message he has been spreading is in direct contradiction with his heart. Does he sacrifice the empire he and his family have built over the past century, or does he hide his true self and continue to rise in profile and wealth?

Jeremiah’s on-air persona will share similarities with classic TV evangelists like Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart but at heart he’s a good person who has been brought up playing a role that isn’t truly him.

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