Dominique Fricot | #MusicMonday: Roxette
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#MusicMonday: Roxette

I’ve started posting a new live video every Monday and calling it, wait for it…#musicmondays. I could probably stand to give it a better title. Your thoughts and ideas are of course always welcome (just hit me up in the comments below).

Last week I was in a bar for a pretty hilarious speed dating-esque event. The deal was every table was numbered very clearly and there was a rotating clothes line going through the bar that you could pin notes to send messages to other tables. My friend and I sat there sending and not receiving all night until finally the moment we were on our way out we received one which said,

“you, in my kitchen, no clothes on, washing my utensils, no glasses”

The tragic part was we were both wearing glasses and had no idea who the message was meant for. The sender had also not included their table so we called it a night.  This is all to say that amongst the plethora of cheesy and nauseating love songs on the playlist that night this classic Roxette jam came on and I had to take note for future use.

If you like it, please spread it around. #sharethelove #musicmondays


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