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Live at St. James Hall on June 9th

My CD release show at St. James Hall in Vancouver on June 9th was definitely my favourite show of all time. Playing to a silent yet sold out audience with Hilary Grist and Ciseaux was a huge career highlight for me. For your viewing and listening pleasure I present to you two live videos from that concert, including both songs I sang with Hilary Grist, “Haunted by Love” and “Seashore”.

The videos were produced by Cinergy Productions and shot by Steven Buffee and Tianlun Jiang.


Canada Day Weekend Shows

I have two really cool shows coming up this weekend. This Friday, June 29th I’m playing in the story telling series “Rain City Chronicles” at the Wise Hall in Vancouver. Tickets to this event usually sell out so make sure to purchase yours ahead of time at Rain City’s Online Store.

Then on Canada Day I’ll be performing at the Cloverdale Millenium Amphitheatre for the 2012 Peak Perfomance Project’s first showcase. All 20 Peak Peformance artists will be performing on Sunday and I’ll be going on at 4 PM sharp. The event is free to the public so if you’re looking for something fun to do on Canada Day come on down!


Amber Ortolano – Surreal Photographer

Photo by Amber Ortolano Design by Eli Horn

Since I’ve been asked a lot about where the picture on the cover of “If Baby Could Walk” came from, I figured I should introduce you to the two amazing artists who put it together.

In the early stages of meeting up with Eli Horn, the artist I’d hired to design the cover art, he brought a hefty selection of photos and paintings that he told me to merely respond to. If I liked it, if I didn’t, what I liked about it etc. As I was going through the samples one particular photo caught me off guard and spoke volumes to me. There was something about the dreamlike figure that made the photo seem as if someone had managed to take the picture of a ghost in the mid 19th Century. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for up until this moment, but when I saw the photo I felt as if this was what I’d been searching for all along.

Luckily for me, Eli had been in contact with Amber before and she was willing to let us commission her for her photography.

Amber’s work is simply astonishing. The images she manages to create with a camera are some of the best things I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend you check out more of Amber Ortolano’s work at either her blog or her flickr. The girl is a phenom and definitely an artist to watch.

Photo by Amber Ortolano


A surprise on my drive to work

While driving to work last week I had one of the coolest moments of my musical career. I was listening to the Peak 100.5 fm when their segment my-Tunes came on. My tunes is their phone in request segment. Since the Peak had added “Haunted by Love to the rotation, I thought for a brief moment that I should call in and request it myself. I quickly decided that it was a bad idea for two reasons. a. I was driving and operating a phone probably wouldn’t be the safest idea, and b. they might recognize my voice and embarrass me.

Two seconds later I hear a caller phone in and say “Can I hear Haunted by Love by…Dom..enic Fry..cot”. I was beside myself in shock. Somebody had actually called in to request my song, and, judging by their pronunciation of my name, I couldn’t have possibly put them up to it. (Unless of course a friend of mine had thought up this tactic, which is an excellent tactic I must add). To top it off the Peak DJ answered by saying that “Haunted by Love is probably our most requested song right now”!!

I have to send a big thank you out to everyone at the Peak 100.5 fm for playing the single. I also have to thank everyone who has been calling in and getting it played. A month ago I sent out a request for people to let the Peak know that you wanted to hear “Haunted by Love” and you did exactly that.

So thank you. Thanks a whole bunch, guys.


Happy Mother’s Day

My homecoming show and ‘If Baby Could Walk’ EP release will be on JUNE 9TH.

This video features Cat Thomson ( as they cover Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World” for Mother’s Day! The prize will include two (2) tickets to the show at St. James Hall on June 9th, one (1) ‘If Baby Could Walk’ CD and handwritten lyrics of “Haunted By Love”. Each entry will be placed into a draw and the winner will be chosen on Sunday, June 4th at 1pm.

Ways to enter:
– Tweet @DominiqueFricot ( telling him where you think this was shot in Vancouver. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #IfBabyCouldWalk.
– Comment on the Facebook post ( regarding this week’s contest and let him know where you think the video takes place.

Tickets will be at and at Zulu and Red Cat Records

Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Laurie.