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Western Canada Tour May 2012

On May 18th I’ll be hitting the road with my good friend and fellow artist Ciseaux to tour through BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. While I’ve pushed the release date of my new EP If Baby Could Walk back until the first week of June, I will (if everything works out at the printers) be selling hard copies of my new CD at these shows.

Please come back and check in on these dates as more shows are surely to be added. Also being an indie artist means that things with shows can change at the drop of a hat. For example, you’ll notice that on the poster it says we’re playing the Habitat. We have been rescheduled to play at Fernando’s for the same night. Here is the initial list of dates. Hope to see you on the road.

May 18 – Oliver, BC – Medici’s
May 19 – Kelowna, BC – Fernando’s
May 20 – Salmon Arm, BC – House Show
May 21 – Revelstoke, BC – The Last Drop
May 22 – Banff, AB – Elk and Oarsmen
May 24 – Red Deer, AB – Red Stone Grill
May 25 – Moose Jaw, SK – Kergano’s
May 26 – Saskatoon, SK – Soueleio Foods (Afternoon)
May 26 – Saskatoon, SK – House Show (Evening)
May 27 – Regina, SK – Creative City Centre
May 28 – Medicine Hat, AB – The Red Stage
May 31 – Calgary, AB – the Palomino
June 1 – Kamloops, BC – The Art We Are
June 9 – Vancouver, BC – St. James Hall
June 16- Victoria, BC – Lucky Bar

P.S. If anybody would like to help us promote the show in your town by putting up posters or starting a facebook event for free merchandise/tickets to the show, please tweet at me on twitter @dominiquefricot or find me on facebook.


Canucks Commitment-A-Phobe

I know it’s been almost 20 years, but I just can’t get over 1994. During the Stanley Cup finals that year my grade 5 class went on a camping trip. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, we had to listen to the games on the radio. As the final seconds counted down, three of my classmates exploded in celebration as the New York Rangers took game 7 from the Canucks and won the Cup. They weren’t Rangers fans, they were just big Gretztky fans who cheered only to cheer against the Canucks. Furious, I decided to start my own riot that day on the street hockey court. I took about 25 slap shots as hard as I could and the trauma clouds my memory, but I believe I may have even thrown my stick.

The Canucks had it all that year: Bure, Linden, Cliff Ronning, the Russian Rocket, Kirk Maclean in goal, Pavel Bure, Patt Quinn on the bench, oh, and did I mention Pavel Bure? Yeah, ok, I was a huge Bure fan. So much so that I even taught myself to shoot left instead of right because, well, he shot left. I trained myself chasing a tennis ball around my living room with an upside down baseball bat. I’d recreate Bure goals; deeking out an imaginary goal tender and firing the puck (a tennis ball) into the goal (my couch). (And my mother said I never had much of an imagination) Years later, convinced that I’d have a better slap shot if I shot right, my father tried to coach me back. It was too late. I had been forever altered.

I’m sorry to say it, but since that year, I’ve never been able to truly get back into the Canucks. Or any sporting event for that matter. I tried to return to fandom the following couple seasons, but the fervor didn’t boil within me any longer. My friends tell me that I’m just putting up walls because I don’t want to get hurt again, and they’re probably right, but I have my reasons. I can get emotionally entrenched in a sporting event within moments. One minute I have no idea what teams are playing and the next I’m either cheering uncontrollably or biting my nails with anxiety. Yesterday, for example, I walked in on the highlights from the other night’s 3-1 Canuck’s win against the Kings and I swear my heart nearly skipped a beat when Schneider saved that penalty shot. The devil on my shoulder urging “take them back, it’ll be different this time” and the angel on the other side reasoning “they can’t be trusted, remember what happened last time!?”

The emotional risks are just so high, my friends. I have a weak heart for sports and I just don’t know if I’m ready to commit just yet.

But by george if Kesler and those Sedins come out blazing Sunday morning there’s no saying where my heart will go.



Rallying the troops!!


Last week I sent out a letter to my mailing list and asked if you could help me by requesting my new single “Haunted by Love” at The Peak 100.5 FM. Well it appears that they have taken note of your requests.

Tomorrow, Thursday April 5th, The Peak will be playing “Haunted by Love” 4 times as their “check this out track of the day”. Tune in at 8:45 am, 12:45 pm, 4:45 pm and 8:45 pm (PST) to hear the song, and here is the important part. If the Peak receives a good amount of positive response, there is a high likely hood that they will add the song to their rotation. So tomorrow if you have a free moment and feel like being a massive help to my career you can take a brief moment to do one of the following.

a. Write on their Facebook wall at about how much you enjoyed their track of the day “Haunted by Love”.

b. Tweet if you use twitter @thepeak and tell them how awesome it is that they are playing my song.


c. If you are really proactive and into it, call them at the peak phone 1-604-730-6547.

If you can do one of these things tomorrow or the next day, or the next few days, your help could have massive effects on my career. And please, don’t think you are too far away. If you’re in Germany, Brazil, England or Mauritius, write all the same. You can totally listen to the Peak 100.5 fm online and I think they would be stoked to hear that people are listening across the globe. Even comment in your own language if you dare. Just remember to write “Haunted by Love” and my name “Dominique Fricot”.

All the best, and for those of you that haven’t heard it yet. The video is in my last blog post, and you can now download it from itunes. See for yourself here.




“Haunted by Love” Single

Here is the new single a couple days ahead of the release. I hope you can join us this Saturday, March 31st for a great night at the Interurban Gallery (1 East Hastings, Vancouver). Adrian Glynn, Christopher Arruda and the string quartet Four on the Floor will also be playing.

You can get your tickets in advance for $10 at Zulu or Red Cat Records.



Haunted by Love with Adrian Glynn, Christopher Arruda and Four on the Floor

I’m very excited to announce the release of my first single “Haunted By Love” and a very classy show to celebrate. On Saturday March 31st at the Interurban Gallery I’ll be joined 2 of my favorite local artists Adrian Glynn and Christopher Arruda and the string quartet Four on the Floor (feat Hannah Epperson, Michelle Faehrmann, Michael Fraser and Elliot Vaughan). Each artist will be collaborating with the string quartet and there will be many special moments throughout the night to make the evening one to be remembered.

Buy tickets in advance to get the discounted rate and make sure to follow me on twitter at as we’ll be giving away tickets every week.


A House Concert Where We Supply the Wine!

The release of our Valentine’s Day cover of “Something Stupid”, which was originally performed by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, has been accompanied with a contest.

I’ve teamed up with Marquis Wine Cellars to create the ultimate pairing for your elegant house party. We are rewarding one lucky contestant a free house concert, with an intimate acoustic performance and a selection of wines.

To enter:

Head over to the Dominique Fricot facebook page and “like” it to prompt the entry form at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to fill in your first and last name and your email address. We need a way to contact you when you win!

If you are already a fan of the page, just go to the House Concert Contest tab to the left of the Facebook page or click this link to fill in the form.

To increase your chances you can share Dominique Fricot’s page with your friends and have them fill your name in “Referred by” text box.