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On the 10th Day of Freakmas

rest-day-reminder-9b6451On the 10th Day of Freakmas, Dom rested and so do you. It is Sunday after all. That doesn’t mean there won’t be something special for someone, quite the contrary. There are several people who have been taking part in Freakmas who deserve to be rewarded and your present is on it’s way.

Congratulations to the 9th Day of Freakmas winner Erin Pellow, we shall set up a skype date and it will be stupendous.


Skype Me! On the 9th Day of Freakmas

Up for grabs on this 9th Day of Christmas is a Free Skype session. We can discuss whatever you want to (within reason) and I may even give you some sneak peaks of my new record…

How to Winpatrick-swayze

A little while ago I wrote a song about one of our favourite eras, the 80’s. In it I make reference to several 80’s stars including Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Molly Ringwald, Cyndi Lauper, and Richard Dean Anderson’s hit TV series Magyver. Now I tweeted a video of the song at Jennifer Grey, who the song is principally about but got no response. I’d love for all of these people to hear the song. First step though is to get Jennifer Grey to hear the song.

On the 9th day of Freakmas my challenge is for you to tweet a video of my song “I miss the 80’s” at Jennifer Grey ( @JenniferGrey). Here is the link for the video: . I think if we get a few people to inform her about this song, maybe, just maybe she’ll listen to it and like it? Who knows. But that is your challenge. As always don’t forget the hashtag so I can enter you into the contest for the Skype date.


Good luck <3

Freaky Deeky


Also If you didn’t see the results of the 8th Day of Freakmas here is my Iron and Wine cover that I dedicated to 8th day of Freakmas winner Erin Mcnally.


A Song For You on the 8th Day of Christmas

Bbzjob7IYAAfizHOn the 8th day of christmas I want to sing to you,

A song that’s already been wrote… by somebody else

How to Win?

Well everybody wins, don’t they? But I guess the winner here will get a dedication to them before the song. Today I challenge you to guess the song that I”m learning and filming a cover of. The person who has the closest guess on twitter (hashtag #12daysoffreakmas) or facebook/instagram comment under the post about this will get a personal shout out in the video fro the song.

Best of luck! and send in your guesses. Who knows maybe I’ll change the song from one of your guesses…. maybe.



Song Trivia- The 7th Day of Freakmas

On the 7th Day of Freakmas I want to give to you…

A white Dominique Fricot signature “Haunted by Love” t-shirt and  “haunted by love” release party poster.

How to win ***Attn a slight adjustment has been made to the rules.

During the 7th day of Freakmas I will be posting to twitter and facebook lyrics from songs of mine and other artists. The first person to fire back the correct artist and song title will get a point for the song title and the artist. T person who tallies the most points by the end of the day (1 point for artist, 1 point for song title) will win the HBL t-shirt and single release poster. Doesn’t that sound easy and fun?

Well let us have us some fun then.






Freakmas on Full Blast: On the 6th Day of Freakmas

On the 6th Day of Freakmas I long to give to thee…

A black official “Dominique Fricot” Haunted by Love t-shirt and a signed copy of If Baby Could Walk


How to win?

Since we had so much fun with posting photos today I figured we could do that again, but this time, I want to see something Christmasy. Whether it be a christmas tree,  you in an ugly christmas sweater, or a friend riding a reindeer,  the person that shall win the t-shirt will have shared a photo in which the caption would easily read “Christmas on Full Blast” or “Giving it 110% this Xmas”. 

On your marks, get set, go. And don’t forget your hashtag:





Dinner and a Show! The 5th Day of Freakmas

On the 5th day of Freakmas I want to give to thee…

Dinner and a show for you and a friend

As you may know, I’m playing a show this Thursday December 19th at the Electric Owl. Today’s winner will win 2 tickets to that show along with a $30 certificate to eat at the  Pizzeria Farina (right across from the Electric Owl on Main Street).

How to Win

Right now there are a lot of poster plastered around Vancouver for my show on the 19th. Find one of these posters and post a picture of it to Instagram with the ever important hashtag.


If of course you search and cannot locate a poster  you’ll notice that I’ve included one in this blog post. I wouldn’t consider it cheating to find a way of reposting to either the outside world or the world wide web.

Good luck!





Mystery Present: on the 4th day of Freakmas

I wish I could tell you what the prize for the fourth day of Freakmas is. But I don’t know yet. Let’s have some fun shall we?

On the 4th day of Freakmas I want to give to you

A Mystery Present!

Tomorrow after work I’m going to give myself a 1 hour time limit to find a good present under $20.

How to win

Similar to the previous days of Freakmas, to win you have to either tweet or post to facebook the hashtag #12daysoffreakmas. With the hashtag include your guess for what I will end up buying as a present. I’ll do my best not to look at all of your posts until after  I’ve finished my shopping mission. The person with the closest guess wins the present.

There are no limits on guesses so please guess away, just always remember your hashtag


And to all a good night