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The Folk Road Show will be embarking next week on the second half of our album release tour in Europe.

Folk Road Show Tour Dates

25 October || GRONINGEN (NL) Le Petit Theatre
26 October || LEIDEN (NL) Gebr. de Nobel
27 October || DEN HAAG (NL) Paardcafé
28 October || VOLENDAM (NL) PX
29 October || AMSTERDAM (NL) Living Room
30 October || BOSKOOP (NL) De Barg
31 October || AMSTERDAM (NL) Konijn
1 November || BREMEN (DE) Paradiso
2 November || HAMBURG (DE) Freundlich & Kompetent
3 November || STUTTGART (DE) 1. Stock
4 November || ZOLLIKOFFEN (CH) Quadrat
5 November || ZURICH (CH) Living Room
6 November || BERN (CH) Musig Bistrot
9 November || MILANO (IT) Sofar
10 November || VARESE (IT) Twiggy
11 November || CHAMONIX (FR) MBC
12 November || CHAMONIX (FR) MBC
13 November || CHAMONIX (FR) MBC
16 november || MUNICH (DE) Cord Club
17 November || MUNICH (DE) KYESO
18 November || Schöndorf (DE) KUBA
19 November || NANCY (FR) Off Kultur
21 November || PARIS (FR) Break arts mix
22 November || MENEN (BE) Hangaar-concert
23 November || KORTRIJK (BE) De Dingen
24 November || TORHOUT (BE) Living Room
25 November || BREDA (NL) Living Room
26 November || AMSTERDAM (NL) Sofar (Afternoon)
26 November || KATWIJK (NL) De Schuit
27 November || NOORDWIJK (NL) Katholieke Kapel
29 November || DEN HAAG (NL) Living Room
30 November || WAGENINGEN (NL) Quiet is the New Loud
1 December || NIEUW VENNEP (NL) Living Room
2 December || BEMMEL (NL) TOP
3 December || VENRAY (NL) Living Room



Folk Road Show Canada Tour Dates 2015

I travelled around Europe last fall playing music in every street corner, living room or folk club that would welcome us with a group of international songwriters that I can gladly call my brothers: Benjamin James Caldwell (Australia/NZ), Pieter Van Vliet (the Netherlands) and Olaf Caarls (the Netherlands).

We’re doing all of Western Canada at them moment with a very minimal splash of Ontario (Kenora). Here is our tour poster with all the dates.


Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.53.13 PM

Feist “I feel it all” (train cover)

While crossing this fair country by train, I took a vote on my social media streams yesterday as to which song i should make a video

1. Feist – I feel it all

2. Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

3. Beatles – Don’t let me down

4. Dominique Fricot – original

Feist took an early lead and I was happy to see that a good many of you did want to hear an original. I however lost cell reception after only the first half hour when Feist was well in the lead. Here is my VIA Rail train car version of Feist’s “i feel it all”.




Live at St. James Hall on June 9th

My CD release show at St. James Hall in Vancouver on June 9th was definitely my favourite show of all time. Playing to a silent yet sold out audience with Hilary Grist and Ciseaux was a huge career highlight for me. For your viewing and listening pleasure I present to you two live videos from that concert, including both songs I sang with Hilary Grist, “Haunted by Love” and “Seashore”.

The videos were produced by Cinergy Productions and shot by Steven Buffee and Tianlun Jiang.


For those that missed out

For those of you that missed out and did not stream my live concert at Streaming Cafe on December 3rd, the lovely staff has posted 4 new videos from that concert. I am posting one of the songs here as a taster.

If you would like to see the rest of the videos, I encourage you to visit my profile at I had a lovely time playing at their establishment and I am very impressed with the shows that they put on. Wander through their website to check out upcoming events. Streaming Cafe broadcasts a very intimate live concert every weekend and the quality of their concerts are top notch. Like I said I had a marvelous time.