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FRS CANADA 2016 Tour Poster


For the last couple years I’ve made trips to Europe in the fall to tour with an international collective of songwriters that came together by accident in late 2014. I’m very excited to announce that we’ll releasing an album as the Folk Road Show (self titled) on Texas label Classic Waxxx on Aug 23rd of this year. To support the release we’ll be hitting the road across Canada this summer starting in Oliver on July 28th and ending in Ontario in early September.

See the full list of tour dates on our official tour poster below. Hope to see you at a show!

FRS CANADA 2016 Tour Poster


My New Album + PledgeMusic Campaign


Hello Friends,

I am very excited to announce the release of my new album “Sweet Little Fantasy” on June 17th of this spring. With the album I’m offering a mountain of other goodies and treats via my Pledge Page that you can visit here.

I’m offering everything from house concerts, to postcards, to disposable cameras from the road so please stop by and pre-order your “Sweet Little Fantasy“.

P.S. only 2 drunk dials left 😉



Not “The Head and the Heart” or “Diana Smith”

Last fall I decided to make a short CD to sell at shows as a preview for the record that I am currently producing. I had a good friend design the CD cover that you see on the left. Being in a bit of a rush, I hastily named it “The Head and the Heart” after lyrics from my song ‘Seashore’. The first night that I brought the CD’s to a show several people brought to my attention that there is a very well known band called “The Head and the Heart”. I did not know this and realize now that I should have perhaps done a google search of the title before I went ahead with it.

Also, when one copies the CD onto their computer, most media players recognize the 5 song CD as Diana Smith’s “Do You Now”. The songs that play are in fact mine, but they are most often under the titles of Diana Smith’s EP. To take it even further, I found out the other day that someone had bought a CD that did not in fact work….
Believe me, I’m very embarrassed about all of this. It made me realize that there may be other CD’s out there that don’t work. If you happened to have bought a defective CD please comment on this post, tweet at me @dominiquefricot or write on my facebook wall at I will make sure you receive all of the songs and I’ll even throw in something extra for your troubles.

In other news, I’m down to the last 20 or so of the CD’s, so if anybody is still interested in the train wreck that I’ve just described make sure you come out to one of my next shows.

My very next show is February 1st at the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island in Vancouver.



Ep 6 – Do You Know What I Did Last Summer?

So I’m heading to Brasil for a month, which means the Fric Show is going to be on hiatus until at least the middle of January. I figured I’d leave you, my gracious listeners, with a sneak peak of my debut album, “If Baby Could Walk”.

Tracks included on this episode are: Haven’t Seen Me Dance, Strange Lady, Haunted By Love, Seashore, East Coast Girls, and Out of the Scenery.

or for a VERY limited time!!

oh it was downloadable but now it’s not! you missed the boat. Sign up for my mailing list on my “music” page if you’d like to get my updates and be in the know at all times.


Album Preview!! Title Track Live Video

At a house concert about a month ago I was approached by two young men who expressed interest in shooting a live video with me. The two gentlemen, Jan and Jeremy, run a music blog called Fistful of Sound . A week before we’d scheduled to do the video I asked them if there was any possibility of finding a piano in a large hall. With some hustle they managed to land us a gym in Burnaby at St. Francis de Sales Elementary School.

This song “If Baby Could Walk”, is the tentative title track of my new album that is set to be released this spring.


Dominique Fricot – If Baby Could Walk (Live Video) from Fistful of Sound on Vimeo.