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Album Sneak Peak…On the last day of Freakmas

Well, we have come to the 12th and final day of Freakmas. It’s been pretty fun to do something new every day with you all. I think it’s safe to say that come next Christmas I will be repeating the 12 days of Freakmas.

But yes, I am stalling. What is there to win on the 12th day of Freakmas this year? I probably shouldn’t do this but I can’t stop myself. As you may know I recently recorded a full length album with mr. Warne Livesey (the midnight oil, matthew good, no sinner). I am still preparing for the release of this record in hopefully spring of 2014, but one very lucky contestant will get  an advance copy of said record.

How to win an advance copy of my new album

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 12.24.42 AMI’m gonna leave this one pretty open ended. The requirements are just that you have to tweet my twitter handle (@dominiquefricot) and mention anything at all about my new record. Maybe a suggestion for the album title? Or your favourite song off of the new record (yes i know you may not have heard anything off of it yet, but suspend disbelief shall we?), or whatever you can imagine. I will give points for creativity and positivity. As food for thought you may notice I’ve included my track listing. in this photo. Not the picture of me with my boss, no the one with the random titles to the left here.

Thank you all once again for taking part in the #12daysoffreakmas

It’s been a slice

D to the om


Skype Me! On the 9th Day of Freakmas

Up for grabs on this 9th Day of Christmas is a Free Skype session. We can discuss whatever you want to (within reason) and I may even give you some sneak peaks of my new record…

How to Winpatrick-swayze

A little while ago I wrote a song about one of our favourite eras, the 80’s. In it I make reference to several 80’s stars including Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Molly Ringwald, Cyndi Lauper, and Richard Dean Anderson’s hit TV series Magyver. Now I tweeted a video of the song at Jennifer Grey, who the song is principally about but got no response. I’d love for all of these people to hear the song. First step though is to get Jennifer Grey to hear the song.

On the 9th day of Freakmas my challenge is for you to tweet a video of my song “I miss the 80’s” at Jennifer Grey ( @JenniferGrey). Here is the link for the video: . I think if we get a few people to inform her about this song, maybe, just maybe she’ll listen to it and like it? Who knows. But that is your challenge. As always don’t forget the hashtag so I can enter you into the contest for the Skype date.


Good luck <3

Freaky Deeky


Also If you didn’t see the results of the 8th Day of Freakmas here is my Iron and Wine cover that I dedicated to 8th day of Freakmas winner Erin Mcnally.


Mystery Present: on the 4th day of Freakmas

I wish I could tell you what the prize for the fourth day of Freakmas is. But I don’t know yet. Let’s have some fun shall we?

On the 4th day of Freakmas I want to give to you

A Mystery Present!

Tomorrow after work I’m going to give myself a 1 hour time limit to find a good present under $20.

How to win

Similar to the previous days of Freakmas, to win you have to either tweet or post to facebook the hashtag #12daysoffreakmas. With the hashtag include your guess for what I will end up buying as a present. I’ll do my best not to look at all of your posts until after  I’ve finished my shopping mission. The person with the closest guess wins the present.

There are no limits on guesses so please guess away, just always remember your hashtag


And to all a good night



On the 1st Day of Freakmas…

On the first day of Freakmas I want to give to you….

A very limited edition Dominique Fricot Song Book complete with lyrics and chords


A signed copy of my debut CD If Baby Could Walk

To win the first day of Freakmas prize all you have to do is share your favourite Dominique Fricot holiday song on twitter or facebook. (A hint, there is only one as far as I know: and remember to include the hashtag:


The winner will be announced during the evening of Friday December 13th.

12 Days Of Freakmas

12 Days of Freakmas

12 Days Of FreakmasFriends,

It’s that time of year again. Rudolph is polishing his nose for optimal brightness, Santa Claus is probably doing rigorous callisthenics so he can complete a seemingly impossible mission, and I am starting a new Christmas tradition: The 12 Days of Freakmas.

Starting today, every night at the stroke of midnight I will post on my website a new Christmas present that will be up for grabs. I will also explain the simple task that will have to be completed by anyone who wishes to win the Freakmas present. On the following evening I will announce the winner for the day and I will continue through the cycle until all 12 Days of Freakmas have been celebrated.

Being that this is the age of social media, all of the challenges will occur over Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you don’t already please follow me on those platforms and remember to always include the hashtag #12daysoffreakmas. That way I can always find everyone who took part in each challenge.

Until midnight PST tonight, Happy Holidays!