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JP Hoe - Western Tour 2013 w/ Dominique Fricot

Western Canada Tour w/ JP Hoe

JP Hoe - Western Tour 2013 w/ Dominique Fricot
After an intense week in Toronto for CMW, I will be back on the road for a Western Canada Tour with JP Hoe. The tour will kick off at JunoFest in Regina, come back through Vancouver and finish off on the Island. Ticket info will be available soon.

4/19 – The Club (Regina, SK) (JunoFest)
4/20 – Java Express (Moose Jaw, SK) (JunoFest)
4/21 – The Royal Canadian Legion – Ortana Room (Medicine Hat, AB)
4/22 – Ironwood Stage (Calgary, AB)
4/23 – The Rockwater Grill and Bar (Golden, BC)
4/24 – Habitat (Kelowna, BC)
4/25 – Electric Owl (Vancouver, BC)
4/26 – Solstice Cafe (Victoria, BC)
4/27 – Duncan Garage Showroom (Duncan, BC)


Who the F___ is Fricot? Ep. 1 Peak Boot Camp

For those of you who were unawares. I’ve started a new video series. It’s called “Who the F___ is Fricot?” Cuz really, who is he anyways. I’d love for people to get involved and help me come up with ideas for the series. Here are the first 3 videos that I made to kick it off.

Ep. 1 – Boot Camp

Who the F___ is Fricot? Trailer

Dominique Fricot Proper Pronunciation




Ep 6 – Do You Know What I Did Last Summer?

So I’m heading to Brasil for a month, which means the Fric Show is going to be on hiatus until at least the middle of January. I figured I’d leave you, my gracious listeners, with a sneak peak of my debut album, “If Baby Could Walk”.

Tracks included on this episode are: Haven’t Seen Me Dance, Strange Lady, Haunted By Love, Seashore, East Coast Girls, and Out of the Scenery.

or for a VERY limited time!!

oh it was downloadable but now it’s not! you missed the boat. Sign up for my mailing list on my “music” page if you’d like to get my updates and be in the know at all times.


Ep 3 – Lying to Tell the Truth

In this week’s episode of The Fric Show, I invited spoken word artist and self professed story teller Johnny Macrae to talk about slam poetry and his approach to art and life. Johnny was kind enough to perform a couple of his poems and even jammed with me on one of my nearly forgotten songs called “In a minute”.

Since I don’t believe in censorship on my podcast I must warn you that there are a few more expletives on this episode than we’ve had previously on the Fric Show. Don’t be afraid.



Download this episode (right click and save)


Bryan and the Banana Hammock: Podcast Episode 1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Day one of my new podcast series “Dominique and the Fricot’s” has finally arrived. The format for the podcast will grow and develop with each coming episode, but as a starting point, I figured I could play some songs, (covers and originals) tell some stories, and invite some guests on to entertain and amuse.

Check out episode 1: Bryan and the Banana Hammock:

Download this episode (right click and save)