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In Flight Medley with Leighton Bain

While playing shows in Southern Ontario this weekend, I was reunited with an old soul-brother of mine Leighton Bain. Leighton and I used to tour around playing shows together when I was still in my old band the Painted Birds. When the band broke up Leighton and I remained friends and have always been huge supporters of each other’s work.

Having some free time outside of our gigs in Chatham and Windsor we figured we should shoot some kind of video together. After going through a myriad of songs we came up with a little medley of songs about flight. You’ll likely recognize the first and last one. The middle one happens to be the title track off of Leighton’s latest record “Planes”. I’ve posted the video for that song below.



Train Bound for Toronto Today!

viatrainWell today is the big day that my adventure to Ontario via train begins. I have some friends who have done this before but I still don’t really know what to expect. To travel all that distance for three I just have to offer up my musical skills for 3 x 45 minute sets a day. I’m not allowed to announce that I’m selling CD’s but I AM allowed to sell them.

I’m hoping that there will be internet on the train so I can keep you updated as I go. If you don’t already you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and twitter for more current updates.

I’ll be stopping off in Winnipeg this weekend and then continuing on to Toronto to play several shows in the area. Here is the list of upcoming shows. Hope to see you out!

Jan 17 Winnipeg @ Folk Exchange Open Mic w/ Cara Luft
Jan 18 Winnipeg @ Shannon’s
Jan 24 Chatham @ Left Wing Tattoo Parlour w/ Leighton Bain Band
Jan 25 Windsor @ Phog w/ Leighton Bain Band
Feb 1 Toronto @ Cameron House w/ David Newberry
Feb 6 Barrie @ the Bourbon w/ Dani Strong
Feb 12 Montreal @ Casa de Popolo w/ Field Study
Feb 13 Kingston @ the Artel w/ Field Study
Feb 14 Toronto @ Cameron House w/ Field Study
Feb 15 Hamilton @ the Corktown w/ Field Study
Feb 18 Toronto @ the Painted Lady w/ Dani Strong
Feb 20 Waterloo @ Maxwell’s Music House w/ Jordan Raycroft+Meghan Weber
Feb 22 Barrie @ McReilly’s (free show)

<3 D-freaky


In the years that i toured with the Painted Birds a visit to Southern Ontario would almost always

In the years that i toured with the Painted Birds a visit to Southern Ontario would almost always include a stop in to visit our good friend Leighton Bain. Bain is a fellow musician from an extremely talented community of songwriters from Windsor, Ontario. I would highly recommend checking out his new single and the rest of his EP, “Oh Alaska”.